Nail Disorders

Dr. Adigun is one of the very few dermatologists on the East Coast who treats nail disorders and nail malignancies. With an academic specialty in nail disorders, Dr. Adigun lectures worldwide on the management and treatment of nail disorders and malignancies. She has extensive training and experience managing and treating all disorders and performing nail surgery. Under her guidance, the entire DLC team is highly trained in managing nail disorders.

Common Nail Disorders

Having brittle, weak nails that peel or spilt may be frustrating, but usually is not a sign of a serious disease or disorder. However, there are a multitude of skin diseases and disorders that actually can affect the nails, including psoriasis, eczema, autoimmune diseases, infections, nutritional deficiencies, and different forms of cancer. There are also a number of benign tumors and growths that may affect nails.

Nail Pigmentation

Nail pigmentation, known medically as melanonychia, most often presents as gray, brown, or black bands in the nails. Although the large majority of melanonychias are benign, they are the first and only signs dermatologists have to evaluate for nail melanoma. For this reason, the DLC Team recommends that all mail melanonychias be evaluated. If there are any concerning findings in the exam of the pigmented band, a biopsy of the nail will likely be recommended to rule out melanoma.

Nail Malignancies

Although uncommon, malignancies in the nails may occur in any part of the nail unit. During your yearly full-body skin check for cancer, you should consider not wearing nail polish so that Dr. Adigun can also examine your nails.

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