DLC Patient Portal

DLC has a secure patient portal to access your medical records and complete or update personal health information.



First time using the patient portal? Please call 919-942-2922 or email our office for registration information.



Patient Portal and Messaging policy

Clinical documents:
After your office visit, you will receive an email from “My Patient Portal” that a clinical document has been published to your portal. You can access your clinical summary by choosing the “my chart” tab followed by “document summary” link.

Lab notification:
You will receive a message of your benign laboratory results on the portal (if applicable).

Send messages, documents, and photos:
You may securely send messages and transmit documents and photos under the “my chart” tab. The portal and messages are checked hourly throughout the day during office hours only.

We do not charge when patients use the portal or messaging platform:

  • to ask about recent lab results in the last 1 month
  • to ask a simple follow-up question related to a recent office visit within the last 1 month
  • to respond to requests from our office

We charge for and require a scheduled appointment for:

  • Complex questions
  • New health issues
  • Requests for new Medication and/or prescriptions and care plan changes

For your health and safety, please call 911 for emergencies. Critical care is not provided via the portal.

We appreciate your understanding and please know that we will continue to put your health and care first and foremost.  Thank you!

Credit Card Payments
You can now pay your bills at any time without even registering on the portal!  Use our new, secure Express Pay Portal here.  You’ll just need the patient’s last name and account number.


We are committed to maintaining your privacy and security. DLC processes all transactions according to the highest security standards.  DLC securely stores your credit card information.


Patient Savings Programs