Telemedicine – Convenient and Accessible Patient Care

Telemedicine live video appointments allow interaction with your provider through an easy-to-use and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform to manage both new and ongoing dermatologic problems. We can offer these services to both new and established patients.

Please contact us to make a telemedicine appointment by either emailing us at or texting our office phone number 919-942-2922.

What type of skin issues can be addressed during a telemedicine visit?
Most common skin conditions can be evaluated and treated during a telemedicine visit with your provider. If your provider determines you need to be seen in person for further treatment, an appointment will be scheduled at the office.

  • Accutane Maintenance
  • Acne
  • Allergic Skin Reactions
  • Cold Sores
  • Eczema
  • Follow-Up Visits
  • Hives
  • Psoriasis
  • Rash
  • Rosacea
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Suspicious Lesion

How to Prepare for your Telemedicine Visit

Please text or call our office at (919)-942-2922 to see if your concern is a matter that we can help you with remotely. DLC will file your insurance or bill you directly for telemedicine services.


  • Take photos – the more the better! If possible, have someone at home help you take high quality images on your mobile device. 5-10 images of the problem or concern are helpful.
  • Describe your concern: When did it start? Where is it located? Is it constant or does it come and go? What is the concern like, i.e., bumpy, red, itchy, painful, bleeding, brown, etc. Does anything make it better or worse? Have you tried any home treatments? Is the problem mild, moderate, or severe?
  • Do you have any changes in your medications and allergies? If you are a new patient, we need to know all medications/supplements you take and if you have any allergies to medications.
  • Do you have any of the following: chills, fever, problems with healing, problems with scarring, rash, problems with bleeding, easy bruising?
  • If you have a co-pay with your insurance, please pay via Express Pay on the DLC website. You need your account number to complete payment. Your account number should have been sent via text at the time the appointment was scheduled. If you did not receive your account number, please text us at 919-942-2922.

Be ready to chat! Our secure telemedicine platform is called Klara.  You will be invited to join your telemedicine visit via You can connect to Klara via cell phone, iPad or computer. Our providers will connect with you either via video or text conversation.

  1. When you schedule your appointment, you will receive a text message from our office confirming your appointment day and time with DLC Video Visit Instructions. “Hello! Your telemedicine video visit with the Dermatology & Laser Center of Chapel Hill has been confirmed. We look forward to seeing you!”
  2. Please enter your date of birth for verification.
  3. In Klara, new patients will complete Intake forms provided and upload insurance cards using paper clip icon at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Established patients will ensure that we have your most current medical history and insurance information on file. If not, we will ask you to complete electronic medical history form and attach insurance cards using paper clip icon.
  5. We will send you a Telehealth Consent to be signed prior to your scheduled visit. Please complete Consent before your scheduled visit.
  6. Next, you will receive a message asking if you want to video conference with DLC. Please agree and give permission to access your camera and microphone.
  7. Video conference will open and telemedicine visit will start with your provider.

There is a paper clip icon available for you to click and either take new photos or attach photos for your provider. Try to send photos before your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download an “app” in order to connect with my doctor?

Klara has an app available to download or you may use a desktop browser on a computer.

What kind of device do I need to connect?

You can use any computer, iPad or mobile device with a microphone and camera. Wi-Fi or cellular service is necessary to connect. 

If I do not have a mobile number, how can I speak to a Provider?

Our Provider will call you for your visit and ask that you email photos prior to visit.

Will I be able to get my prescription refilled?

Yes, our provider will electronically prescribe medications to your preferred pharmacy.

Will my provider be able to see my skin problem in order to make a diagnosis?

We ask you to upload photos of your skin lesion, spot or rash prior to your telemedicine visit using the paper clip icon in Klara. 

Will my insurance cover my live telemedicine visit?

Insurance carriers have indicated that live telemedicine visits are a covered benefit.

Will I have a co-pay or coinsurance?

This is dependent on your particular coverage.  We will bill all charges to your insurance company. If a copay is listed on your card, we will provide you with your chart ID so you may pay your copay online through our Express Pay Portal on our website..